Filter by Account Features

Tutorial on how to create a Filter Group for specific account features.

In this tutorial, we will walk through an example showing how to filter by account features. Specifically, we will be creating a filter based on ASA Holdings and tracking the resulting activity across the previous week.

Creating the Filter Group

  1. Open the Subgraph drawer and select the plus icon to open the Subgraph creator.
Create Subgraph
  1. Enter a Name and optional Description for the Subgraph then click the next arrow to reach the Configure Filters panel.
  2. Enter a Name for the new filter group and select the ASA Holdings button to open the range editor.
  3. By default, you are presented with both options of Range and Text filter parameters. Because we want to filter by range, uncheck the Text option to remove it from the view. You can always reopen the Text option by selecting the settings icon and checking the Text option.
  4. We want to identify all accounts that have ASA Holdings greater than 50,000 (BIRD). To do this, first select the MAX button to move the range slider to the maximum value.
  5. Next, enter 50,000 into the text input on the left. We have now selected for all accounts with ASA Holdings greater than 50,000.
  6. Finally, click SAVE to save the Filter Group. This group can be edited by re-selecting it from the column on the left.
Save Transaction Filter

Specifying the Time Frame and Creating the Subgraph

  1. Select skip on the Show Accounts panel to reach the Customize Display panel.
  2. We want to filter for data from the previous week. To do this, select the Previous Month radio button.
Select Previous Month
  1. Click next to move to the Finalize panel.
  2. Review the options you have specified, then click Create to save the Subgraph.
  3. Your created subgraph should be loaded into the view.
Finalize and Create Subgraph


If no subgraph loads, this could be due to two issues:

  1. The filter settings might be too strict and not be selecting for any data. In this case, try loosening the filter settings and reloading the Subgraph.
  2. The filter settings might be too broad. Subgraphs that are too large to be displayed will return an error from the server. In this case, try restricting the filter settings and reloading the Subgraph.

Filter by Transaction Features
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